Austin Republicans call for change at Capitol, City Hall via new resolutions

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The Travis GOP Executive Committee approved three resolutions at its March meeting. The resolutions include:

* Hail litigation reform -- calling on the Texas Legislature to support House Bill 1774 and Senate Bill 10 as a means of curtailing unnecessary and expensive lawsuits following storm damage.

* Taxpayer subsidizing of illegal immigration -- demanding the City of Austin repeal a section of city code that qualifies illegal immigrants for the assistance of city programs.

* Abolishing abortion -- supporting House Bill 948 which would abolish all abortion in the state of Texas.

Meet Travis GOP's new executive leaders

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The Travis GOP Executive Committee on Tuesday night welcomed Gary Teal, executive director, and Tracey Carroll, deputy executive director. It was the belief of the Travis GOP Steering Committee that both Teal and Carroll each have unique sets of skills and talents that would work better together to expand the base of the local Republican Party.

Just in time for SXSW: Travis GOP calls on Legislature to standardize ridesharing rules

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The Republican platform is about preserving American freedoms, limiting the expanse of government power, promoting individual freedom and strengthening the economy.
That's why the Texas Legislature should step in to eliminate attempts by local governments to control our individual freedoms and economic liberties.

The Travis County Republican Party is in support of SB 176, regulating Transportation Network Companies at the state level, and SB113, removing local city regulation from certain for-hire passenger transportation.

Ask before annexing!

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The Travis County Republican Party calls upon the 85 th Legislature of Texas to pass, and the Governor to sign, a bill providing that the registered voters who reside in the area proposed for annexation must vote in favor of annexation before a municipality can annex that area ...

... and providing that if the registered voters in the area vote against annexation, the municipality that proposed to annex that area may not annex any part of that area for five years.

Reagan Gala 2017 details announced!

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The last day to purchase gala tickets is Tuesday, March 21.

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