Robert Morrow does not represent Travis GOP

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Robert Morrow may have been elected county chairman in March, but his conduct and message at the Aug. 23 Donald Trump events do not reflect the views of the Travis County GOP.

While Mr. Morrow does get his share of disproportionate publicity in the media circus, in reality we have successfully used this situation to expand grassroots representation and safeguard our party resources. We're stronger than ever before! To learn more about the remarkable progress being made please visit:

Austin American-Statesman coverage of his ejection from the Aug. 23 Donald Trump rally:

Donald Trump to visit Austin

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We have received many calls and emails regarding the Donald Trump activities in Austin set for Aug. 23, 2016. We welcome our visitors to Travis County and hope you have a great time in Austin!

Below is all the information we have gathered about the rally, a taping with Sean Hannity, and a private fundraiser -- which we are posting as a courtesy. ....

Seamless transition to the 2016-18 term!

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The new term of Travis GOP precinct chairmen began this evening. See the new bylaws here.

"Our precinct chairs proved this evening that they are bigger than the unfavorable image we were given after this year's Primary," said Andy Hogue, Communications Director of the Travis GOP. "Mr. Morrow, despite his unusual theories about people in high places, was respectful to our grassroots leaders and moderated his portion of tonight's meeting well. We're grateful for a smooth transition and look forward to an energetic and unified general election season going into November."

For more information contact Hogue at

May 7, 2016, local elections

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The proposition to keep Uber and Lyft in Austin is the star of this election -- and we recommend all Austinites vote YES -- but did you know there are many other local contests on the ballot throughout Travis County? 

Not all Travis County voters will have something on the ballot on May 7 (though most will), but we made it easy for you by including all Precinct numbers in which one of the below contests will appear. Take a look below!  And if you need help voting visit

Press Release: Phone scam targeting elderly spreads false info regarding SD conventions

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The Travis County Republican Party has received several reports that there are phone calls being made relaying false information about our SD conventions. These calls seem to be directed to the elderly.

To clarify, the Senatorial District Conventions (SDs 14, 21, 24, and 25) are still scheduled for this Saturday, March 19. We have not changed any details regarding dates, times, or places. All updates will be posted to the convention pages at

If you receive one of these bogus calls, headquarters would like to hear from you at (512)302-1776 or Please check your caller ID if available and collect as many details about the caller as you can, including name and who they claim to be with.

Below is a concise listing of our SD conventions ...