Speaker election reform resolution passes

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"... We call on Texas House Republicans to change the Texas House Speakership due to non-support of the Republican Party of Texas platform by the current Texas House Speaker.
"We further call on Texas House Republicans to nominate and elect the Texas House Speaker consistent with RPT 2016 platform plank 70:  Reject and refuse pledges; conduct a Republican House caucus meeting following each general election to elect a Republican Texas House Speaker nominee via secret ballot; and vote in the legislature as a unified body for that nominee.

"We further call on Texas House Republicans to only support, nominate and elect Texas House Speaker candidates and Speakers who support the platform and principles of the Republican Party of Texas."
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RELEASE: Sheriff's Office Admits ICE Did Communicate Criminal Background on Mexican Gang Member

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“The arrogance and incompetence of Sheriff Hernandez and the Travis County Sheriff’s office is simultaneously stunning and deeply troubling,” said Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak. “Mendoza-Caballero was free in our community for three weeks until ICE agents could locate him and courageously arrest him. This never should have been necessary. Sheriff Hernandez continues to pursue an unwise, dangerous ‘Sanctuary’ policy in Travis County that needlessly threatens public safety. This policy will be illegal in Texas on September 1. How will she ensure this type of ‘clerical error’ does not happen again?”

RELEASE: 'Sanctuary Sally' recklessly releases Mexican gang member

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“‘Sanctuary Sally’ recklessly went forward with her Sanctuary policy in January, against the recommendation of her predecessor, Gov. Greg Abbott, and the Texas Legislature,” said Matt Mackowiak, Travis County GOP chairman. “Now she is purposefully endangering the public by releasing known gang members with criminal convictions and multiple previous deportations back into our county. Does an innocent Travis County resident have to die for Sheriff Hernandez to wake up?”

This is the kind of bashing we're OK with

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Travis County GOP Summer Bash

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Plus a Special Honor Presented to
Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey

5 p.m. VIP Photo Reception
6 p.m. Bert’s BBQ, Live Music and Program

Monday, July 17, 2017

Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch
11508 Carl Road, Buda, TX 78610
Gold, Silver & Bronze Table Sponsorships Available
Contact Matt Mackowiak,


How much damage was done by 'sanctuary county' policy? We intend to find out

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Below is the text to our letter to the Travis County Sheriff's Department seeking answers on what effect sanctuary policies has had on the county. This letter invokes the Texas Public Information Act which may be read about here. Your financial support helps us to keep local government accountable. 

UPDATE: (7/19/17) Responses so far have been inadequate, as a known Mexican gang member was released. See our press release.

Dear Sheriff Hernandez –

Pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records in your department’s possession that relate to the release of criminal aliens who have been arrested from February 1, 2017 to June 15, 2017. ...