Be a Hero While Meeting Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto!

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Travis County GOP's Inaugural

“13 Hours” movie screening and Q&A
An Evening with Benghazi Hero
& "13 Hours" Co-author Kris “Tanto” Paronto
Sunday, October 16, 2016
He was one of the few brave men who fought off dozens of armed attackers for 13 hours while our government abandoned the entire embassy staff as a lost cause. 
He's here to help us continue our fight to improve affordability and opportunity for all in Travis county. 
Many would rather that fight also be abandoned, but some things are too important. So we're not going to give up, and we're recruiting reinforcements.

Chairman's race results

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A special thank-you to our Executive Committee for spending the last few weeks weighing the merits of four honorable men running for Travis GOP Chairman. The vote totals in yesterday evening's chairman's election are ...

James Dickey, 62
Brendan Steinhauser, 26
Matt Lawrence, 2

David Duncan withdrew his candidacy and will continue as Executive Vice Chairman.

Travis GOP Secretary calls special meeting to fill chair vacancy

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"We will be holding 3 meetings on Tuesday, September 20. The first meeting will be the regular Executive Committee Meeting for September. This meeting will be chaired by the Executive Vice Chair per the bylaws of the Travis County Republican Party. 

Within 5 minutes of the conclusion of the first Executive Committee meeting a second meeting will come to order. The second meeting will be a special meeting of the Executive Committee to elect a new County Chair. As the Secretary I will chair this special meeting. The special meeting is authorized in the Texas Election Code 171.025 as is my authority to chair that meeting. After the new County Chair is elected the special meeting will be adjourned. 

Within five minutes of the conclusion of the special meeting we will convene a second regular meeting of the Executive Committee. The purpose of this final meeting will be to fill any vacancies in the Steering Committee that resulted from the election of the County Chair. This third meeting would be run by either the Executive Vice Chair or, if he is being replaced, the Secretary and the elections would follow the bylaws of the Travis County Republican Party." [...]

Morrow leaves vacancy in chairmanship

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AUSTIN, Texas -- By filing his paperwork to run as an independent write-in for President of the United States on Aug. 19, Robert Morrow has left the chairmanship of the Travis County Republican Party.
Travis GOP officials received a certified copy of Morrow's filing on Aug. 25 and are now operating under the assumption that the county chairman position is vacant.
Said David Duncan, Travis GOP Acting Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman:

Robert Morrow does not represent Travis GOP

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Robert Morrow may have been elected county chairman in March, but his conduct and message at the Aug. 23 Donald Trump events do not reflect the views of the Travis County GOP.

While Mr. Morrow does get his share of disproportionate publicity in the media circus, in reality we have successfully used this situation to expand grassroots representation and safeguard our party resources. We're stronger than ever before! To learn more about the remarkable progress being made please visit:

Austin American-Statesman coverage of his ejection from the Aug. 23 Donald Trump rally: