Open letter to the Press: If Wendy Davis doesn't want you ...

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It has come to our attention that the Texas Capitol Press Corps is having considerable difficulty gaining access to Wendy Davis press events here in Travis County.

So we issued a letter to the media letting them know that our events -- including those featuring gubernatorial candiates such as Greg Abbott and Lisa Fritsch -- are open to them.

Please see the text of our offer of hospitality below.

>>Jan. 29, 2014
Capitol Press Corps
Texas Capitol
Austin, Texas
Dear members of the Press, ...

Sworn in and ready to serve you

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Thanks to the hard work of our TCRP Elections Staff, we're making some headway on filling those vacant precincts with Republican election workers.

But we still have many precincts without Republican election workers for the March Primary. We're also short on many Precinct Chair positions.

Our Elections Coordinator, Olga Lasher, has become a Notary Public to make your applications official! Thanks to Travis County Justice of the Peace Glenn Bass for doing the honors!

Volunteering is now easier than ever! Call TCRP at (512)302-1776 or email

Top: TCRP Elections Coordinator Olga Lasher (left) gets ready to take the oath of office to become a Notary Public from Travis County Justice of the Peace Glenn Bass (right). Bottom: Judge Bass reads Lasher the oath of office.

HELP WANTED: Election Judges, Alternate Judges and Clerks

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Do we want Democrats running our polls during the Republican Primary? Of course not!
But if we don't fill 160 more Election Judge positions soon that may just happen. And we may also see some of our favorite, traditional polling places consolidated or even closed completely due to a lack of manpower. 
The Travis County Elections division has the authority to fill all vacancies with anyone willing to serve -- regardless of their political affiliation. That means we would like you to consider serving! ...

Travis County ballot takes shape

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The order in which all candidates will appear on the March 4 Primary Ballot was determined by a random drawing on Dec. 16. The ballot draw was conducted by volunteers who drew place numbers out of a red bowl to determine the sequence of the candidates appearing on our ballot. 

In other words ... this is what your Primary ballot will look like! Enjoy, and feel free to share. ...

Chairman Edwards cheers 10-1 Plan success at NAACP banquet

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The following speech was given by Dr. Rosemary Edwards, TCRP Chairman, at the NAACP Annual Banquet. In memory of voting rights activist Arthur B. DeWitty, the banquet was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Austin on Saturday, Dec. 14.

... We are tonight celebrating the end of a very long road of political exclusion in the way that Austin elects its city council, which was punctuated with the deliberate exclusion of Arthur DeWitty from the Austin City Council after the 1951 election. ...