Cheer on our Juneteenth float!

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Blog with comments

Texas Emancipation Day -- or Juneteenth -- is being celebrated in Austin this weekend!

Since the Republican Party was founded in large part to abolish slavery, who better to be involved in this annual event?

TCRP will be involved in the Central Texas Juneteenth celebration Saturday, June 20, with both a float in the Juneteenth parade as well as a booth at the event. Rep. Paul Workman will ride in our float, among others.


Ask Gov. Abbott to veto SB 313!

Posted on Jun 6, 2015 in Blog with comments

UPDATE: Vetoed on 6/20/15!  Thank you, Gov. Abbott! Statement included at end of post.

What many voters do not know is that the Governor's veto period extends to June 20! This means that our Reagan Courage Award-winning governor has until then to veto a bill that could undermine conservative and common-sense gains on the State Board of Education made in recent years.

See below for more information, including the SREC's unanimous resolution and a letter written by opponents to SB 313. To encourage Gov. Abbott to veto SB 313, call his office at (512) 463-1782. ...

Travis GOP wishes you a happy (and free) Holy Week

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This week there has been a lot of selective intolerance shown by those who claim to want universal tolerance -- but don’t want to support the rights specifically listed in the Constitution.
Fortunately, hundreds of millions this weekend will pause and remember, not mere tolerance, but Love and sacrifice.
Whether celebrating Passover or Easter -- or simply acknowledging the undeniable impact of One who taught love for all -- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Passover, Holy Saturday and Easter are opportunities this week for all of us to stand together. ...

State Chairman election LIVE

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Tom Mechler, our new RPT Chairman!

As many of you know, Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman Steve Munisteri will be stepping down this month to take a position with a 2016 presidential campaign. This means the State Republican Executive Committee (or SREC for short) will select a new, temporary chairman who will serve until the next convention.

If you're interested in watching the SREC meeting as they deliberate on who the new chairman will be, RPT is providing a livestream of the meeting. The Chairman election will begin after 1 p.m. Saturday, March 7.


Travis GOP joins Republicans statewide in honoring RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 in Blog with comments
Steve Munisteri's leadership of the Republican Party of Texas has been marked by significant improvements in every possible area. Financial stability, grassroots involvement, election results and donor relationships are all stronger -- considerably stronger -- than when he took office ...