Sworn in and ready to serve you

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 in Blog with comments

Thanks to the hard work of our TCRP Elections Staff, we're making some headway on filling those vacant precincts with Republican election workers.

But we still have many precincts without Republican election workers for the March Primary. We're also short on many Precinct Chair positions.

Our Elections Coordinator, Olga Lasher, has become a Notary Public to make your applications official! Thanks to Travis County Justice of the Peace Glenn Bass for doing the honors!

Volunteering is now easier than ever! Call TCRP at (512)302-1776 or email

Top: TCRP Elections Coordinator Olga Lasher (left) gets ready to take the oath of office to become a Notary Public from Travis County Justice of the Peace Glenn Bass (right). Bottom: Judge Bass reads Lasher the oath of office.