Ask before annexing!

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Contact: Andy Hogue, Communications Director,

Austin Republican leaders to Lege: Ask before annexing!

AUSTIN -- The Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee voted Feb. 21 to approve a resolution calling on the Texas Legislature to pass legislation requiring a majority vote of residents before a city may annex a portion of unincorporated land. 

This resolution was passed in time for a major forum on the subject of forced annexation. The Texas Public Policy Foundation/Americans for Prosperity forum is set for 2 p.m. March 7 in the Sam Houston Building, room 210, near the Texas Capitol.

The full text of the Travis GOP's resolution is as follows:

Whereas, Travis County Republican Party believes that residents of the proposed annexed area should vote and that the results of the vote must pass by at least a majority before a municipality can annex the area;

Therefore, Be It Resolved That The Travis County Republican Party calls upon the 85 th Legislature of Texas to pass, and the Governor to sign, a bill providing that the registered voters who reside in the area proposed for annexation must vote in favor of annexation before a municipality can annex that area, and providing that if the registered voters in the area vote against annexation, the municipality that proposed to annex that area may not annex any part of that area for five years.
The Travis County GOP works to elect more Republicans and is the official presence of the Republican Party for the greater Austin metropolitan area in Travis County.

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