Resolution against RRISD bond

Posted on Apr 13, 2017 in Blog with comments

UPDATE: Bonds defeated! See elections results here. Travis County voters again made the difference. 

The Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee approved the following resolution on Tuesday, April 11:


Whereas, Round Rock ISD is proposing in this May election a $572 million bond, which:
- is the largest bond request ever made by Round Rock ISD;
- increases Round Rock ISD total bond indebtedness significantly, from $800 million to over $1.3 billion;
- increases debt service requirements for the next 20 years by 78%;
- and will cost $348 per year for the average homeowner for the next 20 years;

And whereas, the district is claiming that the bond will only represent an increase in $2.33 a month in property taxes for the average homeowner, while the actual costs of this bond issue to homeowners are up to 13 times that amount;

Be it Resolved, The Travis County Republican Party opposes this Round Rock ISD bond proposal, urges voters to reject it, and urges the RRISD trustees and administration to propose more fiscally prudent proposals.